Bannerman of Mercury cover process.

I’m overdue for an update – “Bannerman of Mercury” is a pretty good example of my process. The first image shows my corner thumbnail sketch which was an anchoring of the picture floating around in my head. A thumbnail helps me lay out the tones, shapes and composition in a very abstract and purely ‘aesthetic’ manner. It also saves me from having to draw and draw and draw to find out that I might have a nice sketch, but it doesn’t work for the composition.

The next shows my color blocking and my notes explaining what those scribbles are. You can see that late in the game I have a costume change on the woman and skin tone change on both. They were never intended to be Blue People, it was just a lighting thing. After that it’s all just me having a jolly time painting, playing with light and making up weird little alien plants in the foreground. All good things as far as I’m concerned. – Jeff