Cover Art Review – The Mirror Empire

This was one of those covers that made me immediately say,” Ah man, I need that. I need that now.” Of course I had to wait until the book actually came out. 

The artwork is by Richard Anderson who’s artwork I first saw on some short stories posted on His work is wonderfully atmospheric and theatrical. I keep staring his paintings trying to decide if he paints everything semi-transparently or creates 35 lays and then plays the opacity. I still don’t know. Whatever he is doing leaves a depth not only of the image but also of abstract texture as opposed to every detail from here to the horizon.  It’s certainly a refreshing break from hyper-realism and 3d models

The scale, composition and subdued palette sliced with red all call out “I’m epic, I’m massive, thinks happen !” And it’s different than so many other books on the store shelf. The sword-ish red slice splits the image appropriately as the book is about two worlds at war. The figures represent their separate factions of warriors and underdogs well. For a discussion with the writer about the artwork jump through HERE

– Jeff

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