What are Quick Covers ?

Quick Covers are original, affordable, custom artwork for your book by someone who loves books and loves art. In this new age of being able to print your own books, there often is just one problem – “what am I going to put on the cover ?” I’m offering the chance to commission a working artist to do your cover without breaking the bank. How can this be ? Art is expensive ! Yea, but sometimes it’s not the art, it’s the time. I’ve done book cover work that took over a 100 hours. That includes concept sketches, more concept sketches, adjustments, detailed studies, ( hitting my head on the floor ) unused work, then finally hitting the canvas.  I’ve had the thought many times,” I’d just like to fire a painting out in a day”. S0 here we are. Quick Covers – your custom cover, my short work window.

How does it work ? We talk a bit about ideas. You might have something clear in your head, or you may just tell me about your book and see what happens. I’ll do a sketch, maybe with some color, maybe not and we’ll talk about the sketch or sketches that I come up with. From there I work up a more finished drawing, and some color if I haven’t already. At this stage it’s more about detail or easily adjusted things. Then I fire into really painting it. The target window for me is about 8 hours of work. You see the final thing, you love it. or maybe make a minor adjustment and we’re done. I send a 12″ x 18″ 300 dpi image of your cover.  That’s big enough for you to make posters for trade shows or that kind of thing.

Style – Quick covers are intended to be, well you know – quick. So I’ll be relying more on a good drawing and the right color choices rather than epic detail and unending hours of rendering. That’s not to say that I can’t do epic scenes, they’ll just be more impressionistic than photo-realistic. If you do want to hire me for a more involved piece, we can talk.

“So I’ll have it tomorrow ?” you ask.  Sometimes. I’ll let you know up front what my schedule is like. It depends on how busy I am and how quickly we communicate about the pre-work. You’re really buying how long it takes me to do the work. So we might first have contact on Monday, and I may do sketches that you don’t comment on until Tuesday. That night I show you more finished work. Then I’m out of the house Thursday so I do the bulk of it Friday. Or we speak Monday morning and it’s in your hands that day, who knows ? I will do my best to communicate my progress and timelines to you during the project, particularly if its spread over several days.


Front Cover $100.00
text layout included ( if you want it )
12″ x 18″ 300 dpi image, big enough for promo posters

Wrap Around – $150.00
text layout included ( if you want it )
2″ x 18″ 300 dpi image, big enough for promo posters

All payments by Pay-pal. You can check out the full contract here – CONTRACT  Work starts once payment is made. There are no refunds, that’s what the early talk is for.


My intent  is to give you original, commissioned  art to make  your book look as good as it can. Covers make a huge difference between noticed and being ignored or avoided. On the shelf or at a convention table, sometimes it’s all you’ve got.

So what can you with your cover art ?

– put it on your cover of course

– create posters for your table or to  paste up all the walls of a convention you’re at. And yes you can put it on your website and  other writing ( stuff like – “meet me at table 14” or “I’ll be in the lounge from 12:15 pm today until 3:30 am tomorrow” )

– make yourself a t-shirt

– use the image as part of your presentation on how you wrote your best-selling novel.

– let it be used as part of the online or  print interview.

What can’t you do with it ?  YOU CAN’T SELL THE ART. You can’t sell it in anyway but as the cover of your book.You can’t sell prints, t-shirts, mugs, stuffies, hats, clocks, socks, tattoos, belts, back packs… I’m sure I’ll think of more. If someone wants to make a comic of your book, they can’t use that cover art unless they talk to me. If you want to create some ( other than the book ) for sale product with it, you need to talk to me.

Other than that, it’s yours forever. – Jeff

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