What are Quick Covers ?

Quick Covers are original, affordable, custom artwork for your book by someone who loves books and loves art. In this new age of being able to print your own books, there often is just one problem – “what am I going to put on the cover ?”  Continue reading

A new Planet to Play on. 

Coming soon ! This project goes back maybe eight years. It was launched in a pub ( the best place to do these things ) as I joined Reality Skimming Press as their house artist.  WIth my background in palaeontolgy and the publishers long gestating wish to do a ‘colonist ship hits space dinosaur planet’ it was time to get the project going. My role was as world builder, writer and illustrator.  You can read more it HERE

Projects Update : MEGA

I’m deep into a new project with Reality Skimming Press. It’s part of the Okal Rey Saga but set in the deep ( for them ) past. MEGA is the name of the world and the tale of the first accidental colonists. MEGA is a lush primeval world that the colonists must learn to navigate and eventually make their home.  My role is world/creature/ecology designer. With a background in palaeontology as well my art I’m in pig heaven. – Jeff


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Projects Update : Shepherds of Sparrows

I’ve been busy creating a series of scenes and the final cover art for Okal Rey Saga’s ‘Shepherds of Sparrows’. It’s been a lot of fun digging a little deeper into a book beyond just a single image. – Jeff